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Welcome to the website of FALTI. We can provide you with drills, taps, milling cutters, turning tools and plates; all at reasonable prices.


Drills for steel, concrete and wood; taps, milling cutters, turning tools, tooling systems and other tools.
All of these quickly (goods in stock by the next working day) and for reasonable prices.


Now we can offer you sharpening of your blunt or damaged solid carbide and HSS milling cutters, drills, step drills, reamers and other tools.
Sharpening will be done in high quality on CNC grinding machine. Qualities of a sharpened tool are close to that of a new one, often even better.

We offer drills for every sort of steel, including stainless steel. You will certainly welcome drills for exotic materials like Hardox and hardened steel, and also tools for non-iron metal, plastics and wood.
You will also be pleased by drills for reinforced concrete and masonry, and for extremely hard tiles and glass.

Do you need any advice of how and with which tool to drill? Click here.

You can buy our products on our e-shop, but unfortunately it's only in czech, so we recommend you to contact us by e-mail
or to go to the drill catalogue and when you click on the link at chosen drill, you'll be switched to e-shop.

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Adress: ╚erná cesta 977, 735 35 Horní Suchá, Czech Republic
Telephone number: +420 596 428 480
Fax number: +420 596 428 687
E-mail adress: falti@falti.cz